Another fun day today at the All England Tennis Club. Varvara plays tomorrow so today was another opportunity to work with her and her coach a little more on the mental approach to her game. Varvara is a very disciplined hard working athlete that has created her success largely on her own. Practice went well today, she appears to be very dialed in and ready for her match tomorrow. Her opponent Garbine Muguruza is currently ranked #20 in the world while Varvara is ranked #40 so it will be a tough match.

There are no guarantee’s at this level of performance anyone can beat anyone on any given day. They are all amazingly well trained and focused individuals. I do love seeing what the mind can do when it is dialed in though so I am looking forward to the match tomorrow.

Other thoughts on the day, it was interesting to watch Andy Murray in the player’s lounge being very teachable with his coach who happens to be female. Amelie Mauresmo is a former great player that is doing an amazing job coaching Andy and I thought it was great to see him listen so closely to everything Amelie was saying. 

Also, a lot of celebrities all around the place. I didn’t realize tennis was such a glamor sport. Charlize Theron, Drake, and a British guy that seemed super important because they drove him and his girl friend to the Wimbledon site on motor bike’s due to the traffic being so heavy. I was standing by them chatting with Taret, Varvara’s husband, when a reporter rushed up to interview them. Other photographer’s outside the restricted area were going crazy taking pictures so Taret went over to ask them who it was. I love this . . . they responded that they didn’t know. I thought that was aweseome, take tons of pictures of someone you don’t know just in case they may turn out to be someone important. All in all another fun day at Wimbledon:)