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Addiction Recovery Course II

We have all heard the TV commercials that an addiction is a disease, even claiming that you cannot overcome addiction on your own. Addiction is not a disease. An addiction is the accumulation of bad habits. To overcome addictive habits we need to stop reinforcing the bad habits and instead focus on creating and reinforcing the good habits. The more dominant the good habits the more free the individual. Frequently asked questions.

Who is the course for?

– Individuals struggling with addiction,

– Parents wanting to know how to help their children,

– Individuals wanting to know how to avoid future addiction pitfalls.

What addictions does the course cover?

– The course addresses all addictions, as the underlying psychological mechanics of addictions are the same.

– Pornography, alcohol and drugs, gambling, etc

Why an 8 week course?

– An 8-week course is necessary to create authentic change.

– Habit creation takes 12 days and there are several new habits to create.

What will I receive:

– Access for 1 (seats are limited) to attend Dr. Manning’s 8 week course (1 hour a week for 8 weeks – $800 in value)

– 1 year access to The Fearless Mind resource center ($200 in value)

– The Fearless Mind Performance Journal ($25 in value)

– The Fearless Mind Book ($14.99 in value)

– Certificate of completion

Total value: $1039.99

Your investment: $500

What is the curriculum for the course?

Outline of 8 week course:

Week 1 – Self Belief and Positive thought pattern acquisition

Week 2 – Controlling the controllable, navigating the pressure’s of the surrounding environment

Week 3 – Deliberate practice, acquiring addiction recovery skills

Week 4 – Motivation , appropriate goal setting and actionable skills

Week 5 – Anxiety, dealing with pressure situations and

Week 6 – Concentration, countering bad triggers with new relevant triggers

Week 7 – Assertiveness development to promote long term succcess

Week 8 – Decision Making, the power of freedom through decisive good decision making.



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