Dr. Craig Manning

Dr. Craig Manning is a Human Performance Consultant and the bestselling author of The Fearless Mind: Five Essential Steps to Higher Performance.

An Adjunct Professor of Performance Psychology at Brigham Young University for over fifteen years, he is also a Mental Strength Coach for the University’s athletic department.

His clients include but not limited to the Milwaukee Bucks, US Ski and US Snowboarding teams, Red Bull High Performance, and a roster of Corporate Organizations around the world.

Dr. Manning has found that the secret to maximizing human potential and achieving high performance is in learning to control one’s own mind (Cognitive Control). Research has found that those with the ability to control their mind had the greatest success throughout their lives. Cognitive Control (Mental Strength) predicted success better than IQ or the wealth of the family one grew up in. Dr. Manning’s mental strength research will help you expand your potential, reduce interference, and maximize your performance.

Dr. Manning’s Formula for Success:

Potential + Training – Interference = High Performance

Dr. Craig Manning has identified Mental Performance Skills and created a methodology for acquiring these skills in a very efficient way. These critical skills have consistently been apparent in high performing individuals across all genre’s. What the Dr. Manning has been able to do is not just identify these critical skills but train others to acquire these skills rapidly, dramatically increasing human performance.

Dr. Craig Manning will increase the performance of any individual, team and organization as it strengthens people at the core. Unlock your mind and unleash your full potential.

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Where did The Fearless Mind come from?

Throughout Dr Manning’s life he has learned the difficulties of defeat, the elation of success, and the constant struggle of reaching for high performance. As a young athlete Dr. Manning rose to the professional level of tennis and played matches in many parts of the world. Through the wins and the losses a young Dr Manning was able to learn from these experiences to not only know how to play tennis better but how important mental skills are to achieve success. He took his experience to college where he earned a degree in psychology and then went on to earn a PhD in applied sport psychology while coaching a division 1 college tennis team to seven conference championships within ten years.

With three decades of experience as an athlete and a coach, Dr Manning decided to move on and work personally with athletes, business professionals, performing artists, and many others to reach the highest levels of human performance in their respective fields. Since he made that decision, Dr Manning has worked with countless elite athletes, International Corporate Entities, and has been a keynote speaker across the globe. He has worked with three different NBA teams, contributing to an NBA championship with one of the teams. He has worked with numerous professional athletes from the NFL, MLB, and NHL. In addition he has also had at the opportunity to work with multiple Olympic gold medalist having worked with the US Ski and Snowboarding teams for near 10 years. Further, Red Bull high performance enrolled Dr Manning to work with some of the highest performing extreme athletes in the world eight years ago and he continues to work closely with them. Lastly, he has also stuck close to his love of tennis by working with professional tennis players at Grand slam level.

Dr Manning’s book The Fearless Mind – 5 Steps to Higher Performance has inspired and helped thousands of individuals to reach the highest level of their potential. It outlines the method developed by Dr Manning. Learning to eliminate the interference in our performance and our lives cannot only make us higher performing in athletics or the professional world but also to become healthier, happier, and higher performing in our personal lives. The secret to higher performing is in the application. Dr Manning has spent his whole life seeking to understand and teach the application of skills that lead to higher levels of human existence.

How does it work?

Dr. Manning’s methodology uses proven scientific curriculum built around the skills of success to unlock the mind and help overcome—the interference—that undermine human potential. Some common examples of interference include: ego orientated behavior, fear of failure/success, poor focus, self-doubt, and choking under pressure. Through mental strength training an individual can eliminate interfering factors that hold us back from maximizing your potential.

What will I learn from The Fearless Mind website?

After you sign up to The Fearless Mind website you will have access to Dr. Manning’s weekly online coaching vlogs from the Athletic, Professional, and Personal realms. Every week Dr. Manning posts what he was learned from some of the worlds best athletes and professionals in this coaching vlogs.

Secondly, The Fearless Mind website provides an abbreviated version of the course Dr. Manning teaches at Brigham Young University. 32  videos that explain some of the most important psychological principles of the mind including:

  • Potential- you have tremendous potential, for something. The trick is know how to maximize our vast potential
  • Training- practice does not make perfect, PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT. Hence we need to learn how to practice the right skills.
  • Interference- anything that undermines your potential and best efforts no matter how much talent you have
  • Positive thoughts- behavioral researchers have found that as much as 77% of everything we think is negative or counter productive. Medical researchers have found that as much as 75% of all illness is self induced. Further, researchers have found that in an average American home from the time we are born to the age of 18 we would have been told what not to do more than 148,000.

In addition to the weekly online coaching and the course, the website also provides a digital high performance journal to accelerate deliberate practice and increase mind mapping patterns.

More about The Fearless Mind Program

Dr Manning explains what is included in The Fearless Mind resource center.

Becoming Fearless

Fearless is not reckless. Too often we think of being fearless as not having fear, not true. Being fearless is about knowing how to control the mind and eliminate the fear as soon as it comes. The Fearless Mind combines scientific knowledge and over a decade of coaching experience into one program that helps individuals become fearless by controlling the mind.

Developing a Fearless Mind

The mind is at the core of everything we do. If the mind is strong there is nothing we cannot achieve. Yet so many people neglect the mind, ignore it, or treat it as part of our DNA, believing that it will take care of itself. Not true, the mind needs to be trained, exercised. If it doesn’t get exercised atrophy kicks in. We lose control of who we are and what we are doing. The mind is like a muscle—it needs to be exercised regularly.

Elite Mental Strength Training

With The Fearless Mind resource center you can receive the same mental training as some of the world’s best athletes, successful businessmen, professional musicians, and high performing individuals everywhere.

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Reach Your Goals

A Fearless Mind is what separates the elite athlete from the ordinary, the productive business person from the unproductive, and the musicians that perform on national stages and those that play small parties. It separates the great from the good. It is the difference between reaching our goals and giving up. Someone without a Fearless Mind can have all the natural talents or ability and not make it as far as someone with a Fearless Mind with average ability. Our potential and practice only can take us so far in life, it is through removing the interference from our lives by having a Fearless Mind that will eventually lead us to what we want to achieve.

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