If you’re reading this article you have already taken time out of your day to learn a little more about becoming a high performer. Now I want you to take a couple minutes of self reflection and ask yourself: “What would I do today if I knew I could not fail?”

Think about it.

Have you thought about it? Perfect! Now what has been holding you back from doing whatever you would do if you couldn’t fail?

Whatever may be holding you back I can guess it has to do with fear.



Fear is what holds us back from doing what our heart desires. It can be fear of failing, fear of change, fear of what others will think, or maybe just a fear of hesitation.

Did you notice the common element of all the fears I just mentioned? They are all fears of the future. In fact, fear only exists in the future—we cannot be fearful and act in the present at the same time.

We do not have to let fear dictate our lives. We shouldn’t base our decisions on fear of the future; when we do we tend to make the wrong decisions. It is no wonder that the sayings, “No pain, no gain,” and “Fear not,” and also, “No guts, no glory” are so common. High performers throughout history learned to put the fear out of their minds and go after what they desire most. And they succeeded.



Just because we overcome the fear of failing does not mean that we will not fail. We probably will at one point or another. But failure is only as final as we let it be.



Fearlessness is not recklessness. Being reckless is diving into something without thinking or planning. When we are fearless we know what we are going to do (action) in the future. We set objectives and plans. We occupy our mind with the right things.



What about hesitation? Hesitation is that split second when we forget to occupy our mind on what we are doing in the moment and let a splinter of fear into our subconscious. When we train our mind to keep focused on the moment it is impossible for hesitation to wiggle into our mind.


Developing a Fearless Mind

To fully reach our potential and beyond we need to develop a fearless mind. A fearless mind comes when we practice and master certain mental skills. Some of these skills include: A can-do mindset and control the controllable. We also need to learn to increase our motivation, lower our anxiety, heighten our concentration, raise our confidence, and ultimately make better decisions.

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