Below is a video that was previously released in The Zone member only video blog on The Fearless Mind resource center. In it Dr Manning talks about how being intelligent can be great for solving problems on the fly, but it can also impede us from developing crucial mental skills in our subconscious mind.




Dr. Craig Manning, here with the Fearless Mind.

If you ever noticed, there are people in this world, I don’t think I’m one of them, that are very intelligent. Meaning they have a lot of cognitive ability. They’re able to think on their feet and they’re able to figure things out on their feet. These people are very valuable. But what sometimes happens with people that are really good at think through things on their own—they think for themselves.

Sometimes from a young age, and sometimes when they get older they tend to rely so much on their abilities to solve problems on the fly they get a little lazy at times. They get a little undisciplined, meaning they are not acquiring skills. They don’t acquire skills because they’re always able to use that 10% (the conscious mind) to get by.

The problem is with people like that is that once they create that habit of always using the conscious (mind) to figure things out. They are always just getting by. So what happens to their development? Their development slows down because they are not acquiring skills. Whereas, there are other people that I’ve known in this world that maybe they are not the most intelligent. It’s not that they’re not smart, but maybe they’re not the smartest kids in the class. They don’t get the best of grades, but they are very disciplined. They work hard and they acquire a lot of skills. Now as they acquire skills what happens to their productivity? What happens to their overall performance? These are the ones that tend to go on and do great things because they are constantly acquiring skills. And that (subconscious skills) is 90% (of the mind). That is also the muscle memory reaction.

Skill acquisition is the key to success. Also, if you have a lot of cognitive ability and you have skills it’s even that much better. So again, to those people that sometimes rely too heavily on their conscious (mind), I know there is a lot of you out there, to you highly intelligent people please keep doing your research and keep acquiring skills. It is going to make you all that more productive, and it’s going to help you be that much more high performing.
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