When we channel our energy in a deliberate way, it is possible to achieve almost anything.

But how do we channel our energy in a deliberate way?

One of the best ways to deliberately channel our energy is to have a playbook.

In athletics, a playbook is a resource for coaches and athletes to house and categorize plays—particular acts or maneuvers during a competition. Athletes study the playbook so that when they are in the heat of competition they will have the knowledge necessary to execute at a high level and win. Their actions are deliberate because they know what to do, and they know what to do because they have a playbook.

We might not be athletes but we all perform. We perform at work, with our family, in recreational activities, and doing hobbies. If we have a dream or a meaningful goal, why wouldn’t we need a playbook?

Just like an athletic playbook we need to have plays—specific acts (skills) and maneuvers (plans) we use to improve our performance. A personal playbook is a key resource for using our cognitive structured journal. It should include skills that are related to our dreams, and have plans we need to implement to become the high performer we want to be. Below is a simple guideline to developing a personal playbook.


  • Statement of ultimate objective/dream/vision (win championship, become billion dollar business, lose X pounds, etc)
  • Progressive steps leading to ultimate objective (broken down into a monthly or weekly progression)
  • List of mental skills to develop
  • List of spiritual skills to develop
  • List of emotional skills to develop
  • List of physical skills (directly related to daily performance and objective)
  • Power statement(s)

A personal playbook is a guide we can study every day and go to when we use our cognitive structured journal. The skills in our playbook can be plugged into step 2 of our journal, and the progressive steps named in the playbook can be our guide while filling in step 1.

We can achieve almost anything when we deliberately channel our energy each day, and that starts with having a playbook.


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