If we don’t have our mind right, we can’t expect to perform at a high level. We need to have our mind right first. But how do we know when our mind is in the right place? How can we measure our progress as we work to get our mind right?

Our 5 cognitions

Our mind (speaking of mental performance) can be divided into 5 parts or cognitions: motivation, anxiety, concentration, confidence, and decision making.

Each of these cognitions influences (either directly or indirectly) the others. For example, having low motivation with negatively influence our anxiety, and having high confidence will positively influence our decision making. The key to being in the right mindset has to do with balancing and leveraging all 5 cognitions.

The importance of evaluation

Because we can measure (although slightly subjectively) our current state according to each of the 5 cognitions, we can use those measurements to evaluate our progress.

To accurately view our progress we need to keep track of our mental levels of each cognition daily. To do this, step 5 of The Cognitive Structured Journal lets you score yourself on a scale from 1 to 5 in each cognition.

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To get our mind right before we perform we need to understand our mind. Measuring and analyzing our mind according to the 5 cognitions will help us better gage our progress and help us know what we need to improve. We need to research ourselves to learn what works best for us, and then repeat it. Before we can become higher performing we need to look at our mindset and get it right, first.



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