If we don’t set goals we will spiral off in different directions—much like walking blindfolded through a field. To move forward in a straight line it is important to set strategic goals so the mind has direction.

It is the law of attraction—that which we focus on, grows—that we need to adhere to, because if we don’t, that is where the problems start to come. It is good to set strategic goals, but the magic comes from the tactical application—where the rubber meets the road—where we get working. We can set goals, but if there is no tactical plan we won’t do anything. That is when we fall off the wagon, and when we don’t achieve what we want.The tactical application of goal setting, or the bridge between us and reaching our objectives, is having the right cues.

What are cues? Relevant cues are 2-3 trigger words that make it very doable for us to take action. The fewer the words the easier it is to do something about it. If we are too wordy it gets lost in translation and there is no action. Also, if a cue is too vague in general the gaps between what we want and action will be too big.

Here are some example of cues in the corporate world:

Connect with people

One of the most influential factors in whether an organization will be successful or not is the culture, and culture starts with people. Connecting with people can help develop the right culture in an organization by promoting communication though the ranks.

Quality and quantity of effort

Many people in corporate america are putting plenty of quantity of effort in, but the quality is low. It is amazing what happens when we can raise that quality to the same level as our effort.

Educate the alpha dog

In every little subgroup in an organization there is an alpha dog that steps up. If you don’t have time to educate every individual in the organization then you should focus on finding out who the alpha dog is in a group and start educating him or her. If you educate the alpha dog the rest will often follow.

Cues are the tactical side of goal setting. Cues are where the rubber meets the road and that is what leads to action. If there is a secret to achieving our goals this is it—making sure we know what our cues are.

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