On average 77% of everything we think is negative or counter productive.

As much as 75% of all illness are self-induced.

In an average American home from the time we are born to the age of 18 we have been told no or what not to do more than 148,000 times.

There is no doubt that most of us, at some point of our life, will feel like giving up on our dreams. How can we truly believe the cliché: If you can conceive it, and you can believe it, then you can achieve it?

Becoming the person we want to be and creating the life we want to live is difficult and immensely hard. And the reason that not everyone you meet are living their dream is because it is so hard.

Why do we settle? Why do we take the easy route instead of taking the risk of pursuing our dreams?


We develop a fearful mind by cultivating negative or counter productive thoughts. It is by focusing on what NOT to do, instead of what TO do that leads to fear driven life.

The danger of all of this is that we do it unwittingly. We don’t realize that we are reinforcing damaging thoughts while we are thinking them. It is easy to concentrate on what not to do because we have been trained to do so since childhood. Without deliberate thoughts we become psychologically stagnant. We get stuck in a cycle of interference.

How do we avoid unwittingly developing a fearful mind? First, stop thinking about what not to do, unintentionally creating a fearful mind, and start thinking about developing a FEARLESS mind.


To develop a fearless mind we first need to first start focusing on what we CAN DO to pursue our dreams. Every time we have a negative thought “don’t do this” or “don’t do that” thought stop it and change it to the antonym, “I am going to do this”, “we need to do that”.

Next it would be wise for all of us to keep our mind sharp, so that we do not unwittingly allow negative or other people’s thoughts to occupy our mind. Mental toughness is not the absence of adversity or challenges it is the awareness to recognize the interference coming at us and the ability or toughness to control our own conscience mind and occupy the neuro processors with the thoughts we want to have thus commending and taking control of our own destiny.

The best tool for developing and maintaining a fearless mind is the cognitive structured journal a part of The Fearless Mind resource center and smartphone app. Try it out.

In summary: By unwittingly developing a fearful mind, we settle for what is safe and easy instead of pursuing our dreams. To prevent a fearful mind, develop a fearless mind. To develop a fearless mind set objectives and plans. Evaluate your process and keep yourself on the path to higher performance. Finally, become higher performing and live your dream. Then what? Well, that’s up to you.



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