Formula 1 is a unique sport that requires a large amount of mental discipline.  What is even more unique is Sebastian Vettel who has, in the last four years, won four championships.  Below is an interview with Sebastian after his last championship win along with a short written profile of the interview below the video so we can go inside the mindset of an individual champion and a high performing organization:


Watch as Vettel’s body language changes as he is asked about how he compares with some of the past greats of Formula 1 racing.  In an instant his body language revels his humility.  The best athletes and coaches are always humble.


Vettel mentions “the spirit of the team”. The spirit of a team is the culture of an organization/team mindset.  When you build the right culture you get the right energy, individuals feel more comfortable, are able to focus better, and acquire skills more rapidly.


There is a tremendous amount of work required to be great, but that is not all needed.  The amount of work is the quantity.  We also need to pay attention to the details, or the quality of the work.  In high performance there is not an imbalance between the two—we need to match the quantity of effort with the quality of it.


Spirit is energy.  Just as Vettel focused on one race at a time, we need to focus on one task at a time.


We need to love what we do, and bring that passion to what we do day in and day out.


We need to have a deep belief in our abilities and confidence in ourselves.  True is “I can do this” it is not, “I’m better than others.”


Can-do Mindset


Just as Vettel and his team we cannot become satisfied with only what we have done, but to continue to improve as time goes on.  Keep pushing forward.