Personal Performance

The Fearless Mind methodology unlocks the power of the mind. The mind is at the core of everything we do yet researchers have found that as much as 77% of everything we think is negative or counter productive. Imagine what we could achieve if we could overcome self-doubt, guilt, and fear. What would life be like if we were mentally tough? Live fearless

Online Coaching for Personal Performance

Every week we upload a new video to “coaching” link in The Fearless Mind online resource center. Here are a few examples:


“The journal changed my life. That’s a pretty dramatic statement, but now without even thinking about it, I have applied the principles, subconsciously, to every aspect of my life. I never would have branded myself as a perfectionist or even that I practiced self-debilitating behaviors, until this class identified me as such. Ever since that first realization, I’ve been able to diagnose the traits blocking me from achieving my potential, recognize and correct negative self-talk, and redefine my definition of humility, success, and confidence. All of this has just been reaffirmed and drilled into me every day as I write in the journal. The changing of an entire mindset and philosophy takes time and constant diligence, but can only be successfully changed with a daily check up by using the journal.”

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“One of the main things I liked in the journal was the reflection on how you went about achieving you goal for the day. I liked that there was three positives and only one negative, so right away if you are doing the journal you have to keep more of a positive attitude. I naturally have a really positive attitude, but I think I understand why the negative section was in the journal. It is to show you that you could’ve always done something to improve, and for a guy like me with a very confident attitude I think that was a good and sometimes challenging section of the journal, because even though I might think I did everything perfect for the day, it shows that there is always an area you could’ve done better at, and to never completely settle for what you have done. Be proud about what you have done but never think you were perfect.

“My conclusion to the journal is it was a great experience for me, and it was very motivational and at the same time it kept me humble in what I was doing. The journal gave me a solid balance in what my emotions should be for a day. It gave me a goal that I should be striving for every day. It gave me a more positive than negative outlook on my performance for the day. It humbled me in knowing that there is always another area to improve on every day. The journal made me more focused and more of a task oriented person. Overall the journal was a really good thing for me, even after the class I will try to continue to do a journal.”

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“I have always thought that the best way to learn is from mistakes. However, this class has taught me that the best way to learn is from the things I do well. The workbook itself has helped me to see what my strengths are and then how to continue using my strengths to help me to have purpose in life. I can go back a few days and even weeks to see what has helped me to be successful and see what I can do to continue on that path. I have also been able to see what has prevented me from reaching my daily goals or what has slowed down my progress and then focus on that a bit in order to overcome that weakness the next day. I have found that I do much better each day in accomplishing my goals when I see it on paper.”



“I dug a hole, the semester previous to this winter semester I had a 0.01 GPA. So, getting back into school and further making the team again seemed unlikely, but not impossible. I set goals and objectives to get back into school and focused my energy on getting into a major. I transferred my athletic skills into the classroom and now my GPA in my major classes is a 3.56. I still have lots of work to do but life is no longer doom and gloom, rather blissful with green pastures to farm reaping benefits.”

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