Bolt is widely regarded as the faster person ever.  He currently holds both the world records for the 100 meters and 200 meters.


What makes the fastest man alive?

Many people think of Usain Bolt became the fastest man alive because of his genetics.  There is no doubt that genetics play a part in Usain’s success, but that is not all.  To reach high performance an individual does not only need potential, they need the right training, and they need to eliminate mental interference and develop a fearless mind.  A simple way to put this is to use the equation: High Performance = Potential + Training – Interference.


Usain Bolt is not built like built like the majority of his sprinter peers.  He has a long lean body while most other elite sprinters today have muscular built frames with muscles bulging from every part of their bodies.  Many sprinters need to build highly explosive muscles to help them run in the short bursts of a sprint, but Usain seems to have naturally explosive fast twitch muscles to shoot his long legs forward past his competitors.


To be the fastest man alive (and fastest ever) hard, intense, and focused training is needed as bad as a you need air to breath.  Here is a short video taking a look into Bolt’s training.

The Mental side

If you have ever seen Bolt in competition, an interview, or celebrating you can almost see the confidence radiate from him.  Confidence is a huge part of high performance.  Dr. Craig Manning stated in his book The Fearless Mind, “Confidence can take an individual with nonexistent skill sets and make them respectable; ordinary skill sets and make them good; and incredible skill sets and make them great.”  Through training and the natural potential Bolt has, he has developed incredible skill sets, but it is his confidence that takes him past the limit and makes him the fastest man ever.