We all have a past

Each one of us has gone through good, neutral, and difficult times. Those experiences are coded into our subconscious not only as memory, but as habits and our tendency toward certain behaviors. Depending on our life we might have experienced more difficulties than others, or maybe we have had an overwhelming positive experience. No matter the past, we are all on our own life path with a specific trajectory.

Speaking generally, there are three life trajectories we can be on: a positive trajectory that is leading us on the way to who we want to become, a stagnant trajectory that keeps us the same as we are now, and a negative trajectory that is pulling us down toward a life we do not want. Despite the trajectory we are on currently we have the power to change it. The secret is not to hope that it will just happen organically.

An upward trajectory

If we are on an upward trajectory it is because we put ourselves there at some point in our life. Most of the time we do it deliberately, but it is possible to find ourselves moving upward because of the circumstances we are put in. The thing about an upward trajectory is that we can’t think that once we on it that we can relax. An upward trajectory will not naturally lead us up to the life we want. We have to work to keep it.

To keep our upward trajectory we need to keep reinforcing those things we are doing well. Focusing on what we do well optimizes the path we are on. To keep focused we need continue to set meaningful objectives that are ours and not put on us by others. Then we need a plan of what we are currently working on to stay on the upward path.

A stagnant trajectory

If we are on a steady path, not improving or getting worse, we need to we need to set some tactical goals to change our trajectory. If we don’t set the right objectives and plans we will keep our current course. It won’t just organically happen.

The definition of insanity is doing what you’ve always done and expecting a different result. We can’t expect to change by doing the same things. The fact is that we can’t change our trajectory without mental excursion, without working to change things.

A downward trajectory

If we are heading in the wrong direction, if we are focusing on the negative aspects of our past, we need to get ourselves out of that by setting new goals. When we find ourselves on a downward trajectory it is most likely because we have negative muscle memory or intelligence (what not to do) predominately in our subconscious. Because of that negative intelligence we need to set new plans and start developing new (positive) skill-sets to get us moving upward. We can’t change our trajectory from downward to upward organically by just letting “it be”. Like getting ourselves out of a stagnant path we have to work to get ourselves out of a rut.

We have control of our lives and the trajectory we are on. If we want a certain type of life we have to make it happen. We all have the power to change our path by setting the right objectives, a plan that will build the right skill sets, and by believing that we can improve. We can create the life we want for ourselves, but it all starts by having the right trajectory.


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