In a recent article “Top of the Class” researcher took a look into the current skill needs of Corporate America and the increased trend in education to adapt the current trends of an ever-evolving world.

Gone is the old school approach of standing in front a group of students lecturing to them on how things are. This omniscience approach has become outdated as the current generation has at it’s finger tips unlimited access to the world’s knowledge base within seconds. The traditional bullish approach of “this is how it is” is not well received in today’s era. The current generation wants a say in . . . well . . . everything.

I don’t know if this is all bad. The current generation often labeled as the entitlement age I believe is more accurately named the now generation. Although wanting everything now is necessarily all good it is not all bad either. More importantly it is the reality and unless we are planning on taking their cell phones from them it is here to stay we either need to adapt with it or we will become obsolete ourselves.

Progression is a good thing if channeled and directed.

The world is becoming more and more specialized as we progress there is a consistent move towards specific skill development to support the demand. The following are highlights from the article

– Business schools also need to stay on top of the way career paths are changing as innovations in technology, especially, impact the way we all do our work. New skills and needed, old skills, need to adapt, and as yet – unknown skills will continue to emerge as business changes.

“companies want competitive employees who’ll produce results”

– Many companies are now offering their own professional development, independent executive educating courses are vying for students and must innovate and update to stay relevant.

– Being relevant, as well as decisive, productive and a leader, isn’t just an issue for schools – its also what every successful employee strives to be and what every company expects from its employee’s.

“there’s a growth in customized programs because everyone’s trying to tap into these markets”

– Companies want competitive employees who are thought leaders and who will produce results. The education industry understands this need and is innovating curriculums to produce better quality employee’s.

“According to the Financial Times, the executive education global market is worth in excess of $70 billion a year.”