Cognitive ability is the skill set of being able to think for ourselves. We are not born with cognitive ability—it needs to be learned.


Enter Dr. Craig Manning, PhD

A study that just came out found that the mega-company Google is hiring more and more people without college educations. I was blown away when I heard that.

Yes, education is still important. But the biggest attribute Google is looking for is an ability to apply—to take information and use it in the real world. What Google is finding is that a lot of kids that come out of some great universities have an awful lot of information, but they don’t know how to apply it—how to think  for themselves. They are very good at regurgitating what professors have told them.

So, what Google is looking for is this ability to think, solve problems on the fly and keep moving. The application of this skill is the ability to always look for solutions.

The skill of thinking of yourself is incredibly valuable.

So what is happening at these great universities?

It becomes easier for a professor to just lecture and tell somebody “how it is,” rather than to take the time to help people to apply the science—to know what the science means, what is one’s connection to it, and how to apply it in different settings.

We live in a world of innovation. We live in the information age. We need to be able to create. We need to learn to use the mind to create, and to innovate.

What Google is finding is that those people with that cognitive ability are incredibly valuable to their company and their teams. Now this does’t mean that education isn’t important. Actually, what they found is that if you do have a good education and an ability to think for yourself and apply it—cognitive ability—you are incredibly valuable and you will grow rapidly though the company.



Cognitive ability is thinking for yourself.

Plug in “Think for yourself” into step two of your journal.

For some of those businesses or athletic departments out there, look for people that have their own thoughts and own opinions when you are recruiting. Cognitive abilities is priceless.


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