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The Fearless Mind methodology rapidly enhances organizational productivity by the strengthening of individual mindset. Imagine the productivity of an organization when each individual has conditioned their mind to be success orientated in opposition to failure orientated. To think and solve problems instead of worry and create problems. By conditioning a Fearless Mindset interfering variables are eliminated leading to increased human efficiencies. Some common examples of interference include: ego orientated behavior, fear of failure/success, poor attention relevant cue’s, self-doubt, and irrational decision-making. Work Fearless

Online Coaching for Professionals

Every week we upload a new video to “coaching” link in The Fearless Mind online resource center. Here are a few examples:


Jeff Collinsworth, CEO/President

GOLDPoint Systems

GOLDPoint systems

“Dr Manning has helped me through some tough times, yesterday I had to let someone go. Who was there to help me? Dr Manning, he was there! He is a people person, he knows people. When I first meet Dr. Manning and walked out of an event that he spoke at sold! I told him that he did not realize what he had, that this will change the world. It’s not a pill, it’s a skill set! It works and I want to help him implement this with other wealth management firms like me. The Fearless Mind is about a mental mind shift. I do not allow fear to dictate my mindset. Like others within The Fearless Mind family I am not going to participate in this recession! Life is too short. Onward and upward!

Paul Moffat, President
Arista Wealth Management
Arista Wealth

“For the past two years we have been applying the Fearless Mind principles in our organization under the tutelage of Dr. Manning.  As an organization we have grown tremendously, both from a revenue and profitability standpoint, as well as culturally.  The single greatest asset we have is our people, Dr. Manning helped us unleash the potential of our employees to where we are a thriving organization where all team members are on the same page, with the same goals, and same vision.  As an organization we focused on the “controllables” and saw great results as we eliminated the interference and moved forward.  For the rest of my career these principles will be a core part of any organization I join.  Thanks Dr. Manning for all of the help.”
Doug Johnson, CEO
Molding Box

“After reading Craig’s book I went in to my appointment with a different mindset. I was able to secure 13 new projects, 9 of which I would not have gotten without the skills the book taught me.”
Tim Larsen, Managing Partner
Squire & Company

“Craig is brillant! There is just no BS with him.I love motivation the best.
After each session the motivation of the management team has been ridiculous!
I enjoy the science! I have read and researched a lot and continue to, and he is right there with everything else I’ve read (like, Dr. Joseph Murphy’s work on the subconscious mind). I love how he helps us apply the science.
He has helped me and the team’s set the right expectations, set the right goals and most of all he focuses on the individual! Craig lives his own science! Consistency is the key!”
Michael Stuart, Sales Manager
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