When we focus on our whole self, the more we get out of our heads and engage in life.

4 Components, Energy, and Awareness

There four main components of our makeup: spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. Balancing these four components leads to a happier, healthier, and higher performing life. To achieve balance between these components we need to learn to channel our energy in the right ways.

How our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical energy is being channeled out is manifested through our body language. If we have high anxiety we tend to speak faster than normal or if we have high confidence we usually sit up straighter and hold our head up a little higher. For example, when we decide to be more aware of our “gut” feelings we are more aware of the spiritual component of our makeup. The emotional component is easier to be aware of. Whether we are feeling regret, frustration, anger, or high anxiety the more aware we are aware of our body language the more aware we will be of each of these emotions.

Once we are aware of where our emotional energy is being channeled we can use our body language to get out of our heads and direct that energy to best benefit our performance and ourselves. The more self aware we are the easier it is to take control of our lives and create that happy and healthy life we all want.


  • Be aware of your body language at all times. As we do this we are able to get out of our heads (where we usually spend so much of our time), engage in life, and become more self-aware. Be especially aware of your spiritual and emotional energy.
  • Every time you notice through your body language that your energy is being channeled in a negative emotion, like fear, anger, or regret, take a step back, relax, take a big deep breath, and slow down.
  • If you have high anxiety, focus and really work on your breathing. And if you have anger issues and tend to get angry at the past often, slow down, take deep breaths, and learn to let it all go.

Put these applications in your daily plans and set the goal to be more aware of your body language so that your body language is communicating to others (and more importantly, yourself) exactly who you are and what messages you want to be sending out.


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