Athletic Performance

The Fearless Mind methodology unlocks the power of the mind needed to achieve elite performance. Too often we think of being mentally tough as the absence of doubt and fear, not true. The best athletes in the world still have doubts and fears that interfere with their performance. The difference is, elite athletes utilize mental skills to overcome these interfering thoughts and achieve amazing levels of human performance. These mental skills are neither complex nor very difficult but without them mediocrity is almost inevitable. Imagine what we could achieve with a fearless mind? Play Fearless

Online Coaching for Athletics

Every week we upload a new video to the “Coaching” link in The Fearless Mind online resource center. Here are a few examples:

Athlete & Coach Testimonials 

“The mind is a powerful thing! Doc Craig and the Fearless Mind have helped me use it to my full potential! Belief, confidence and a good plan are my keys

to true performance. Talking with Doc Manning and using the fearless mind have been amazing for me and I would recommend it to anyone seeking to compete at their best!”

Chase Guldemond

Chas Guldemond

2014 Dew Tour champion, USA Team Snowboarder


“Within a few sessions working with Craig I felt my mental state exponentially changing. He gave me the tools, and kept me accountable to make the positive changes I needed to excel in my sport. I feel my opportunity to compete at the Olympics as well as finishing the 2010 World Cup season ranked 2nd overall in the sport of Freestyle Mogul Skiing is largely due to the mental training I learned from Craig. Besides the affect our work has had on my competition and training on the hill, it has also carried over into all areas of my life and I am happier and more balanced than ever before.”


Heather McPhie
US Ski Team/Red Bull Athlete


“The fearless mind has been incredibly valuable to me personally and to my performance on the diamond this past year! Baseball is such a mental sport and Dr. Manning has been a huge help. Visualizing myself performing at each at bat has given me a huge edge. I have learned a lot and hope to keep learning new ways to increase my performance! Potential + Training – Interference = High Performance! This program has helped me get rid of my interference!”

Jacob Hannaman

Jacob Hannemann
MLB/Chicago Cubs


“While mental toughness is important for all athletes, it is particularly important for tennis players as we are often all alone out on the court with no one to talk to or coach us. Dr. Manning has provided me with tools necessary to stay focused and perform at the highest level possible. I compete all over the world and have an unpredictable travel schedule; however, Dr. Manning has been very accommodating and accessible. A lot of our work can be done online and over the telephone and he makes sure that I am doing what I need to do to be successful.”


Varvara Lepchenko
Professional Tennis Player

R.Craig Poole Ed.D
Head Coach/Director
USA Track & Field


“What separates Craig Manning from the rest of the sports psychology consultants is simple. Craig is also an elite level coach. He not only envisions himself bringing a slice of the pie to the project, but he also brings the whole pie . . . in 3D.”

Pk Hunder, Russ Henshaw, Matt Christensen - Lifestyle

Matt Christensen
Red Bull High Performance Coach


“Craig Manning has been instrumental in the development of our football programs mindset and competitive spirit. His insightful teaching and performance enhancement methodology has given our program and its individual members the best chance to reach our potential.”

Bronco Mendenhall

Bronco Mendenhall
BYU Football, Head Coach


“Dr. Craig Manning has provided invaluable mental strength coaching
for many of our men’s basketball players. His emphasis of focusing on
clear objectives for improving daily has been a huge factor in improving
our on court performance.

Dr. Manning also utilizes his experience as a former Pro athlete and
3X Coach of the year as an additional resource to enhance achievement
and help athletes reach their full potential. He has a rare gift and insight
into the science of personal achievement.”

Dave Rice UNLV

Dave Rice
Head Coach
UNLV Men’s Basketball


“I have attached the week by week National Coaches’ Poll for this season.  When we first had you meet with the team we were ranked 16th nationally and we spoke about goals.  I mentioned that the team had set as one of it’s goals to win a national championship and you made the astute observation that we might be setting ourselves up for failure with that sky high goal when we were only 18th last year.

After that meeting we had a team meeting and talked about focusing our next effort to run so as to break into the top 10.  The following week we won the Notre Dame Invitational, which is one of the biggest early season meets.  The next week we moved into the top 6.  Another team meeting followed and we talked about performing well enough as a team to work into the top 4.  Last weekend we finished second at the biggest meet of the year so far, defeating 39 other teams including 4th ranked Stanford at the Wisconsin Invitational.  The result of that is the number 3 national ranking which we now hold.”

Ed Eyestone

Ed Eyestone
Head Coach
BYU Track & Field