“Confidence can take an individual with nonexistent skill sets and make them respectable; ordinary skill sets and make them good; and incredible skill sets and make them great.”

-Dr. Craig Manning The Fearless Mind

Confidence is a necessary key to becoming high performing in any skill. We can gain confidence in different ways from positive self-talk and positive self-assessment, to learning vicariously from others. Gaining high confidence is something we have to constantly work for. We do not reach confidence as if it is an accomplishment, but rather we pursue it as a process.

There are a many benefits to integrating confidence into our daily lives. Everything we do, from our profession to our relationships with family, is affected by our level of confidence, whether high or low—good or bad.

Below are 5 researched backed benefits of having confidence:

Arouses Positive Emotions

When we are confident we have a deep belief in our own abilities and of the natural laws that govern our lives. This deep belief stimulates a positive attitude not only toward ourselves but also toward the world we live in. Few things can influence positive emotions more than confidence.

Facilitates Concentration

When we know that our abilities are sufficient, and that if we do X then Y will follow because we have confidence in natural laws our focus narrows to only those aspects of our performance that are most relevant. Confidence helps us to stop focusing on all of the irrelevant things around us that vie for our attention and seek to distract us.

Increases Effort and Persistence

Poor work ethic is often accepted because of a lack of confidence. When we are confident we know that eventually our effort will pay off. When things get tough confidence drives our persistence because we trust our abilities.

Affects Game Strategies

When we are confident we approach challenges differently. Low confidence leads us to make more conservative plans because we are afraid that we do not have the power to overcome the challenge we are presented with. Having high confidence helps us to strategize in a way that will lead to the highest success rate possible.

Influences Motivation

Nothing can kill our motivation like low confidence. In the same way, high confidence can increase our motivation in such a way that it can get us through the toughest of times. High performance is mundane. It requires us to perform seemingly tedious tasked everyday. To put in the necessary work day in and day out we need a high level of motivation, and much of that motivation comes from the level of confidence we possess.

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