The happiest people, the most successful individuals, and the healthiest human beings create their own lives. They approach life. Approaching life is a mental skill. Some individuals acquire it quicker than others, but we all need it to become the highest performing person we can be.

The opposite of approaching is to avoid. So many times we get caught up in life waiting for something good to happen. We wait for our relationships to get better, we wait for new friends to appear, and at times we wait for that big job opportunity to come to us. “Good things come to those that wait” is a common expression that teaches us that patience, but what it forgets to teach us is that we must act first. When we approach life we are not trying to control anything that is out of our control. Rather, we are doing all we can and trust that great things will come afterward.


There are 3 key ways we can start (or continue) to approach life today:


1 Be the First

To approach life many times we have to be the first to act. At times it can be frustrating to have to be the first to call a friend, or wave to a coworker. Instead of getting reports back on a project we have to be the first to ask how everything is going. This is not a bad thing. We can’t sit around waiting or being passive. Rather than getting frustrated at having to be the first to act, take pride that you are approaching life and making things happen. You are building your life. No one can do that for you.


2 Create Opportunities

Sometimes doors open on their own. In the best selling book by Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist, a young shepherd has a recurring dream that instructs him to go to Egypt and find a treasure. An old man who happens to be Melchizedek, the King of Salem, instructs the young man that everyone has a personal legend (the thing they are called to do in this life) and once a person acts, or approaches their personal legend the universe will help that person to achieve it, and is called beginners luck.

We might get lucky at first, but as we seek out the life we want we will have difficulties and we will need to create our own opportunities. Ask about that promotion. Talk to friends about your goals. Focus on performing tasks as well as you can. Seek out the connections and skills that will eventually create opportunities that would not have otherwise come.


3 Be a Problem Solver

Do you want to rely on others your whole life? Or do you want to be self-reliant? Parents and mentors teach that self-reliance is the best path to take. What is self-reliance? It is solving problems.

The world is so intricately connected today that we have both the resources to find solutions ourselves or find someone to fix the problem. When a problem comes, take steps to learn how you can solve it. You might not have the skills, but when you find someone that does you can help them fix the problem.

It can be easy to run from problems, but that will not solve anything.



Don’t try to do everything all at once. Focus on one or two of these three suggestions to better approach life. The odds are that you already approach life in one way or another, and these suggestions are here to help you know how you can better approach your life. Think about this for a second: If everyone approached his or her life to their full extent, what would the world be like?



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