The New Year is here and most of us are making resolutions to keep in 2015. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals that set a New Year resolution will give up on it in under 6 months. How can we optimize our resolutions to help us be successful this year? Here are a few tips:

Set monthly objectives

Normally, a goal (or resolution) that is placed more than a month or two in the future is harder to achieve. This is because the further out the goal, the less immediate motivation there is to push ourselves to action. One of the main reasons most New Year resolutions fail is because there are no established markers to motivate us each month.

To increase your motivation, and likelihood of keeping your resolution all year long, set monthly objectives that work as mile markers. If your goal is to lose weight, set an objective each month on how much weight you want to lose.

Focus on the controllable

There is nothing that will sabotage your New Year resolution like having it based upon something you do not have direct control over. Do not focus on outcomes like winning a competition, or doing better than others. Instead focus on specific tasks to perform and develop into habits like saving money each month, spend at least 20 minutes being active each day, or write in a journal every morning. You can control the tasks you perform, you cannot control the outcomes.

Learn to progress, not be perfect

It is tempting to want to be perfect at a new skill we hope to acquire in the new year, but it is not perfection that matters—only progress does. When we start out learning a new skill development is rapid, then overtime it slows, and many people give up because they feel that their progressed has stopped. To keep progressing we need to focus on the little things, and doing the seemingly mundane daily tasks. Perfectionism causes stress, progress creates high performers.

Use a journal to keep you focused

Writing down what you will do each day to follow your resolution will help you keep focused and motivated even through the tough times. The Fearless Mind has a specific journal for this purpose, but you could also use a pen and paper. Write down your resolution, your objective, and your plan for that day first thing in the morning. Then at night evaluate your performance to keep yourself progressing and focused.


Ultimately, you have to commit yourself to keep your resolution. The four tips above are only few tools that should be put in your mental skills toolbox. Good luck this year and be fearless.



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