Your personality, your ability to defend your point of view and communication skills. Remember that You, first and foremost, a student, and when performing such work, write something wrong. You need to consult with the teacher, discuss with him how best to do that. Almost 100% of the success of protection depends on the ability to make a good impression on the teacher.

The individual characteristics of Your teacher: someone who can be quite picky, someone there, someone all depends on my mood, etc.

The content and the correctness, i.e. the appearance of design course work.

If for some reason You had to resort to the course work to help individuals involved in writing such works, You need to consider what You are agreeing to order a term paper to another person, signed in advance to accept his point of view.

Try to pass Your course work optimally in a reasonable time. Do not check it in and hand it over in the second half of the reasonable period of time. Before you hand over the work: thoughtfully and carefully read the exchange, in order to the point when I had to carry her to the teacher, You left no doubt in the fact that You wrote it. This confidence is more than 60% of success in the defense of the course work. The majority of teachers is not so important what You know, and they are important, how will You keep and what logical reasoning in Your answer.

Try to keep calm during the delivery and protection of the course work. As we know, only 20% of all diploma or coursework surrender and protected in its original form, 70% of these projects changes one or two times, and in 10% it is necessary to adjust the operation several times. You must have patience and take control of emotions. You need to behave so that teachers do not have the desire to overwhelm You while protecting.

Try to be as poised and polite, in any case do not be silent, compulsory answer each of the questions. If You don’t know the exact answer to the question, don’t be afraid to make assumptions, give examples from life, feel free to Express their attitude to the situation.

Under any circumstances do not ask someone to write You a report to the defense. Even if You had to purchase a term paper, report, be sure to prepare yourself. Try to pass through the investigated phenomenon. Convince others, and most importantly a teacher that the problem is Your course quite relevant and extremely important to You personally. On defense try not to use a printed version of the report. Create image of person who is much worried about this problem, try to be a person the most interested and growing.

Success is completely in Your hands. Good luck!